You have been selected to join one of the fastest growing teams in Canada. We are very careful with who we hire, and are very excited to help you grow into your new career. Together we can change the lives of many.

On this page you will find you new hire start up packet. Including many things.

The first section is your new hire paper work. These are documents and company policies you must sign for payroll, code of conduct, Sexual harassment policies and more.

The second section includes your initial tools. Make sure you go through each part closely, and write down any questions you may have.

The third section is to upload your image and name to have a lanyard badge made for you. There is an example to see.

Congratulations again and we are very excited to have you!

Files to Read and Sign!

Sexual Harassment Policy

Human Value Policy

Code of Conduct

POS Statement of Care

Working Agreement


Your tools!

Here is a few resources to help your learning curve in your new career here with Step Up. If you have any questions, we love to help.

How you get paid (Invoice Description)

Training and what to expect

Your tools!