What to Expect


First we need to ensure your online set up kit is completed fully. Make sure you fill out and sign all policies and documents.

  • Sexual harassment Policy
  • Human Value Policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • POS Statement of Care
  • Working Agreement
  • Payroll ACH Instructions

For your first 3-day training period, your training will be set up as follows:

On your first day make sure you arrive at the office early enough to prepare for your first shift.

  • 15 Minutes of Script practice with your trainer
  • Watch the trainer do at least 5 Presentations
  • Take turns working together for the first 30 Minutes
  • Then you get to feel out your process, with your trainer very close for all questions and support
  • Training is very hands on, and you will have support through the entire process

You need to practice your presentation through and through. To become really effective, memorize your presentation and practice day and night for the first couple weeks. It makes a major difference in your results. 

We have attached a video explaining the brick by brick method, the same method used by Hollywood stars to memorize their scripts. 

Our team is very united. We are here to have fun, make some money and make a major difference in the lives of those who need it most.

  • Make money, and see your trainer make money
  • Spread the word to help more families than ever and MOST OF ALL Have fun!! 

Presentation Training Video

Together we can make the difference

lets change the world