Permanent Position Onboarding

1. Contract and ID Badge photo

Open their contract it and check it to make sure its completed properly.

Remember to save their Badge image into their onboarding folder.

Save both their contract and their ID badge image into their Onboarding Set up Kit Folder.

2. Team Coding

No go into your team coding and double check their spelling of their name and who they are coded to confirm its 100%.

3. Debit Products

Now you have to create their debit products, so that they have things to sell on debit to the customers.

Head to our debit site. The same site that you use for reconciling debit money.

Each of these sets of products are a set of debit products for them to sell. Each name is made of three pieces. 

  1. Their Office Tag Number – This number needs to be unique (no one else can currenlty be using it), it must start with the letter of the city and be over 10. 
  2. Contributions – for seperation amongst other products.
  3. Rep initials – This should be the initails of the representative.

As you can see above, every product set is made of these three components.

Creating their set

Hover over the top product set, and click on duplicate.


Once duplicated you need to ammend three things. 

  1. The name at the top needs to be changed to the rep you are creating this set for.
  2. You need to change out the image with the new image of the rep you saved in their set up kit (ID Badge Image)
  3. Create Product Category – This is a very important part and MUST be done correctly. Please double check your work before submitting.

    First unlick the checkmark box that is already on, this is from the rep you duplicated, they must not both have the same one checkmarked. 

    Then Create a new one, Click +Add bew category
    Name is “REP # Initials”

    Click Add new category, and it will create it and also select it. If you scroll all the way back to the top of the categories, you should see it with a checkmark. 


Now you can publish it and you have completed the new Permanent position onboarding.