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We are very excited to have you join our team. This is your new contractor orientation. Please take note of any questions you may have, and we can address them all together.

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Welcome to your new career. We are very excited to have you on board. During this very exciting time of growth for us, we are being very careful as to who we invite onto our teams. We have seen something in your character, experience and personality that shows much potential. We are excited to work with you and grow together.


Please take your time going through this information. Write down any questions you may have, as it is important that you are confident and clear on your new contract within our organization.

Completing this orientation will help you:

Company History

Here at Halo “Hybrid” Advertising we have one mission. 

Spread the word!

We are the first Hybrid advertising firm that focuses on helping humanitarian organizations grow. We have a platform that is one of a kind. The company was created to give back to entrepreneurs, local business owners and local humanitarian organizations. We do this by offering products and services that are professional grade, at a much lower rate, allowing access to high end marketing and branding for those organizations that do not have the funding or budgets for major marketing firms.

We do this a few ways:

  1. VOUCHER PROGRAM – Advertising for these types of organizations by selling our products and services to the public. We have been able to make a major impact at a fraction of the cost. This program brands organizations to thousands of clients per month, with virtually no overhead, creating a large influx of revenue without high spending.
  2. FULL MARKETING PROGRAMS – We offer full digital and print marketing services at a highly discounted rate for business that are just growing. This has been designed specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our major partners have agreed to give high quality products and services at discounted rates for approved businesses.
  3. FUNDRAISING PROGRAMS – By offering our products and services to local humanitarian organizations, we are able to spread the word, brand and create healthy contributions and a steady revenue stream for growing organizations. This is crucial because without a major financial backing, this would be impossible for most fresh organizations.

We were established as a corporation in Canada in 2018. After a few years in business we have learned and grown much. 

Needless to say our business was revolutionized (as many were) during the 2020 Global Pandemic. We are one of the lucky companies that continued to grow through this extraordinary time.

Of course we had our hard times, and it was a very difficult time for all of us, but helping local business and humanitarian organizations that help others became one of the largest commodities on the planet. 

We found our niche, and we have been growing bigger ever since.

We have a few divisions within the company. 

  1. B2B – Our sales division that focuses on setting up small and local business owners with full marketing programs.
  2. Marketing – Our internal team of contractors that build marketing platforms, and fill contracts with our Business clients.
  3. HnR – Hiring and recruiting to help build our organization across the nation. Due to our growth we have many positions available in many cities. 
  4. Leadership – Our leadership team operates on many fronts. These are hard working, qualified leaders, that are here to help our entire team succeed. Focussed on Personal and Professional development, this really is a team game. We are in this together. Our culutre of leadership and team work is what defines us.
  5. Fundraising – Our fundraising programs are built to help get humanitarian organizations off the ground. With many teams across the country, this division is growing rapidly. Arguably the most fun team in the organization, a very fun team atmosphere creates a fantastic place to grow into a long lasting career. 

The short answer is that we have NONE. 

We have a brand new type of program that no one has ever seen before. It is a mix of a few different programs, but we are the first company to ever offer marketing and growing of humanitarian organizations at the same time.

There are two types of companies that may be considered competition in a very broad sense:

  1. Advertising/Marketing Agencies – The biggest difference between standard agencies, is that they are there to gain clients, and charge big bills to companies for advertising and marketing firms. They bring on design artists with degrees, and internally have many 6 figure earners on salary to build large services. This takes a major budget to attain these services. This removes the ability for new companies, and local entrepreneurs to gain access to these professional services.
  2. Fundraising Companies – Many foundations and charities use fundraising companies. The difference is they are out to specifically solicit donations and subscriptions directly to these organizations. We are very different in the fact that we sell products to the public creating a very diverse business platform. This has opened up many doors and abilities for us never seen before.

You have been offered a position as a self employed contractor within our organization. 

We work with many different organizations, and you will see different products and services during your tenure with our organization.

Remember that although we represent our partnership with these organizations, you are contracted and paid through our advertising company. 

While dealing with customers, or our internal team, it is important to remember that you do not work for our partners. If this ever becomes confusing, please ensure you ask questions so you can be confident and clear. 

Products & Services


Our Fundraising program involves the sale of advertising packages to the public. This generates funds for our non-profit partners, while also driving traffic to our local business clients. 

When a customer purchases an advertising package, not only to they get to feel good about supporting an amazing cause, but they’ll also get access to our small business advertising platform for an entire year. Check out our amazing platform at HybriDealz

There are two packages our customers choose from through the fundraising program: 


This is our base package that  costs $40. With the difference maker membership, customers can access vouchers to hundreds of local businesses, as well as a 15% discount on all local business products sold through our online store.


Our platinum memberships contain the most value for our customers. For $60, they get access to all the same savings contained within our difference make package, with additional savings including up to 80% off one full VistaPrint order, and a $20 rebate to use for online learning through our partners at Outschool.

Your First Week

3 day training period

This is your chance to learn learn learn. Utilize your trainers and your senior management team and try not to concern yourself with results.

There are three things to accomplish to earn a permanent spot on our team:

  1. Punctuality- You must be punctual and reliable. This is first key to success and becoming a reliable team mate. We must work together to succeed.
  2. Be Yourself – We pride ourselves on our culture. We are all very positive, outgoing and supportive. The biggest key is just be yourself. 
  3. Hit Your Target – Hit your target to show that you are here to work hard. As much as we love our awesome, happy, fun culture, we are here work our tails off. Be the hardest worker in the room and really show what you can do.

Your target is to generate 30 Total Boxes.

Training bonus

We have a training bonus of $100. 

Bonus Target 30+ Boxes

When you break 30 boxes in your three day training period, and get offered a permanent spot on the team, you earn an IMMEDIATE $100 bonus on your first cheque. Work closely with your leader to ensure you get this bonus.

Up Your Game

Sales Training

Your leaders are experienced trainers who will work closely with you throughout the training period and throughout your career. 

You can give yourself an extra boost by checking out our sales training videos and blog posts here.

Promotional Track Path

Here is your promotional track path. This is key to your success to grow within the organization. It is highly recommended that you read over these until they are crystal clear. Follow up with all your leaders for clarification, and let’s make this your best year ever.

Promotional Track Path



As a self employed contractor, it is your responsibility to get yourself paid.

In order to be paid, you must submit an invoice each week on Tuesday before 4pm.

When invoicing, it is of the utmost importance that your numbers are accurate to avoid delays in recieving your paycheque. Keep track of your sales numbers every day.

Your leaders will help you with navigating the invoicing system as much as possible. We have also put together a simple video that shows how to invoice for your pay here.


Our Positions

Who can you GO TO and what do they do



Your directors can be reached at any time. We have a full open door policy. If you need something, or just want to chat, feel free to reach out to your directors today!



Your regional manager is always accessible. They are the direct senior manager responsible for your geographical location. Build the relationship to grow together.

Team Leader

Senior Manager

Your team leader is your direct senior manager. They cover all your day to day operations. You can bring concerns, excitement and a notepad to your TL.



Your supervisor is your directly coded leader. They will be helping you through training, mentoring, and helping you learn the ropes to your new career. Build a relationship to give a strong boost to your career.

Company Exam

Use everything you have learned, including any of these orientation pages to complete your company exam.

Launch into your new career with full confidence!

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2. What is the formula for success?
3. What is the 8 second rule?
4. What is sales?
6. How to become a team leader
7. How to become a supervisor
8.. How to become a Regional
9. What programs do the Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation offer
12. What are 3 leadership Qualities we look for?

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