New Agent Set Up Kit




1) I will stick strictly to the approved presentation scripts I am given

2) I will not lie about specific campaign set ups to members of the public

3) I will not use any clients debit/credit cards for any transactions other than the sale of goods through this organization

4) I will never take money from any cash amounts at kiosks or in cash bags

5) I have reviewed the sexual harassment and Human Value Policy

6) I understand that a three-strike policy is in effect

7) I will not enter any customers homes

8) I will not promote any non-approved goods or products at any time

9) I will not keep or use any personal information collected


I understand that the working relationships that the company has with all retail providers and business of all kinds is a privilege, not a right, and I will never do anything to jeopardize those relationships. I also understand that my contract can, and will be, terminated if I do jeopardize a relationship by my actions.





The individuals comprising our organization. Believe that honesty, integrity and trust our values to be reflected in all our dealings with each other and with our customers. These attributes are characterized by truth, sincerity, and fairness. These values are exemplified in both the ways we conduct our business and in the quality of relationships we are privilege to maintain with our coworkers.

We commit to:


- Express kindness in our actions

- Having respect for one another’s ideas and right of expression

- Always Maintaining a positive attitude

- Always keeping our promise

- Being receptive to new ideas

- Handling any disagreements that arise in a direct and positive manner

- Being tolerant of growth in others as they are learning

- The highest level of performance

- Preserving the personal dignity of the individual

- Leaving everything and everyone better than you found them

- Giving and receiving constructive praise and criticism

- Supporting those that we work with and care about

- Encouraging interactive resolutions and differences

- Showing an appreciation for candor


Individually and collectively, we will strive to achieve the above ideals that serve to define us as a company. The result of living and working with in such a company creates a sense of pride, satisfaction, and the unmistakable knowledge that we are all part of a winning team. As a company, we will not tolerate hostility, offensive language, disrespect, defamation, or slander directed to, by or between any associates or employees.






Sexual harassment is unlawful discrimination. It violates the law and will not be tolerated. Employees, supervisors, or managers who commit acts of sexual harassment will be subject to severe discipline, which many include discharge.


Sexual Harassment includes making sexual activity a condition or requirement of a person’s employment, whether this is done directly or indirectly. It also includes any unwelcome sexual advances, offensive teasing or joking intimidation, humiliation, sexual suggestive comments or pictures, or unwelcome touching, or a hostile work environment.

“Unwelcome” means when you know or should know that a person will find the conduct to be undesirable or offensive. It certainly includes when the person says or indicates through his or her actions that the conduct is undesirable. “Stop” means stop and “No” means no.


This policy is always in effect and in places where employees are present.

If you feel that you have been subjected to or have observed in active sexual harassment, you should immediately report such occurrence to your supervisor or office manager. Efforts will be made to preserve as much confidentiality as can be achieved under the circumstances. You will be protected from any retaliation or adverse action based on any report you make in good faith.

If it is determined that sexual harassment has occurred, appropriate steps will be taken to end the harassment, provide appropriate assistance or counselling to the victim, prevent the misconduct from reoccurring and impose appropriate disciplinary or other action against the perpetrator.






I authorize the company to deposit commissions, overrides and bonuses into my account. 



The company can NOT amend funds, remove funds, or do anything to this bank account specified other than deposit funds that have been invoiced properly to the company. This protects me from any removal of monies from this bank account.





Note: Must be a valid direct deposit form including contractors full name, and legal authorization.









Training Independent Contractor Agreement


This agreement was made on the date 

between Hybrid Advertising Inc. and 

These parties outlined in this Contract Agreement

Both Parties hereto have agreed as follows:

  • Sales Territory

“Agent” shall act as a (sole) sales agent for Hybrid Advertising within the territory of Canada as well as any area mutually agreed upon.

  • Sales products

All lines of products manufactured or supplied by Hybrid Advertising

  • Agent shall do its best to utmost efforts for the sales of above products and all sales transactions should be confirmed in advance
  • Pay will be structured the following way:


For the duration of the 3-day Probationary Training Period: 

  • The agent shall be paid at a rate of $18 per hour while in the field, actively selling within the sales territory.


With a training bonus of $100 when 30 Sales is achieved in the first 3 days of probation.

  • This Agreement is effective as of the date of this contract.
  • You shall comply with the relevant rules and regulations.
  • You agree to not take any non-prescribed medication, marijuana, alcohol, or any other intoxicating substances 24 hours prior to any work shift.
  • Any disputes or claims which may not be resolved amicably between the parties hereto shall be settled the courts of the Alberta Provincial government.
  • You agree to a release of images for any pictures taken while under contract with Step Up for 12 Months following any release of contract for the purposes of (but not limited to)
  • You agree to keep all specific practices of Step Up confidential for 24 months following the release of this contract.
  • You agree to a three-strike program regarding missing scheduled times of work.
  • Step Up reserves the right to cancel this contract for any breach of this contract or the code of conduct that follows.
  • Step Up is not responsible for any losses or damages.
  • You agree that if your profit from canvassing for a specific campaign reaches over $85,000 in one fiscal year, you will contribute 10% of your earnings to that campaign.

You MUST attach one piece of legal photo ID.






Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact Number





Coding Structure


Direct Supervisor Code


Supervisors Full Name

In-Direct Team Leader Code


Team Leaders Full Name

In-Direct Regional Code


Regional Full Name

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