Independent Contractor Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

This agreement was made on the date


These parties outlined in this Contract Agreement

Hybrid Advertising of Halo Advertising Inc.




Both Parties hereto have agreed as follows:

  • Sales Territory

“Agent” shall act as a (sole) sales agent for Step Up within the territory of Canada as well as any area mutually agreed upon.


  • Sales products

All lines of products manufactured or supplied by Step Up.


  • Agent shall do its best to utmost efforts for the sales of above products and all sales transactions should be confirmed in advance by Step Up.


  • Pay will be structured the following way:

Based on Total Sales (/$40 Revenue) on a weekly basis reset each Sunday night at 11:59Pm

0-15 = $8 per sale

16-25 = $10 per sale

26-39 = $12 per sale

40+ = $14 per sale


Weekly Bonus Structure on personal production only, based upon points system of 1 point/kiosk sale and 1.6 points/residential sale:

  • 65-79 Points = $100 Bonus
  • 80+ Points = $200 Bonus
  • All production numbers reset every Sunday.

Qualifications to receive bonus:

  1. Production of $4000 in revenue (120 Sales) Minimum in the previous calendar month.


  • This Agreement is effective as of the date of this contract.


  • You shall comply with the relevant rules and regulations.


  • You agree to not take any non-prescribed medication, marijuana, alcohol, or any other intoxicating substances 24 hours prior to any work shift.


  • Any disputes or claims which may not be resolved amicably between the parties hereto shall be settled the courts of the Alberta Provincial government.


  • You agree to a release of images for any pictures taken while under contract with Step Up for 12 Months following any release of contract for the purposes of (but not limited to) advertising, public ads and promotions.


  • You agree to keep all specific practices of Step Up confidential for 24 months following the release of this contract.


  • You agree to a three-strike program regarding missing scheduled times of work.


  • Step Up reserves the right to cancel this contract for any breach of this contract or the code of conduct that follows.


  • Step Up is not responsible for any losses or damages.


  • You agree that if your profit from canvassing for a specific campaign reaches over $85,000 in one fiscal year, you will contribute 10% of your earnings to that campaign.


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Signed by Madeleine Testore
Signed On: January 26, 2024

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