1. Wear your lanyard where everyone can see it. It is your first major piece of credibility.
  2. Be familiar with the work that the foundation is doing, the more informed you are, the better you will explain and answer questions.
  3. Canvass every home on your assigned route.
  4. Start 5-10 Minutes early and go 5-10 minutes late. You will be amazed how much people lose when they start a bit late and stop a bit early. If you compile all this time over the year, you are causing a massive loss for yourself, and the organization.
  5. Get momentum. Plan your route on the way out, and really get familiar. Starting and stopping all the time not only makes your presentation suffer, but the killing of momentum is PROVEN to damage results in a major way. Ask any top producer about the impact of momentum.
  6. Only canvass houses on your assigned route, never change routes or jump around. All houses are the same on the outset, trust the process and organize accordingly to capitalize on your territory. Teams that do this effectively far outperform those that don’t.
  7. If you are ever canvassing friends or family, ensure they get all the exact same things as anyone else.
  8. Find a partner (whether they are on the same route as you or not) and build healthy competition and ways to boost each other. Practice your presentation together, connect and support each other. Push each other to get the best results. These small, united partnerships can really change your impact and your future.
  9. Practice you script on the way to route everyday. For the first couple months, practice your presentation before bed, and first when you wake up. Get confident.
  10. Put pressure on the process not on yourself. Don’t put succeeding or failing on your own shoulders. Trust the process and follow it to a tee. Work hard and practice and the results will pour in.

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